Cleaning Jobs in Cambridge and Britain on the Rise

As we approach the middle point of the 2010s, higher education is becoming near universal amongst the British population. Nearly everyone born since the 1980’s has some form of university education or an equivalent. However despite this, cleaning jobs in Cambridge and the rest of the UK are becoming increasingly common. We are very much becoming a nation of cleaners, restaurant staff and shop assistants.

Cleaning Jobs in Cambridge and Britain on the Rise

This of course is somewhat alarming. As we emerge blearily from the Global Recession that started six years ago in 2008, a lot of people are still working blue collar jobs, often at minimum wage. Amongst these, cleaning jobs in Cambridge and the rest of the UK rank at the second largest. The report from the Jobs Economist shows that the five largest single occupational groupings include:

  • Sales and Retail Assistants, at 1.1 million
  • Cleaners and Domestics, at 600,000
  • Kitchen and Catering, at 450,000

That said, the occupations that are growing most are taxation experts (up 88%), advertising accounts managers and creative directors (up 75%), and window cleaners (up 73%). Meanwhile, cash collectors, TV, audio and video engineers, and insurance underwriters have shrunk the most (down 52%, 46% and 45% respectively).

The reason for the sudden explosion in cleaning jobs in Cambridge and elsewhere is none too difficult to find out. True, we’re out of the Recession, but the job market has yet to ease itself. Too frequently higher-paid, higher-qualified jobs demand several months of experience at least before employment is even considered, and such jobs are hotly contested by other job seekers. In addition low-wage jobs have a high amount of turnover, and the demand for cheap labour is in high demand from businesses throughout the nation.

Cleaning jobs in Cambridge in particular are on the rise because cleaning is such a fundamental skill that requires little training or experience. Numerous domestic and commercial cleaning companies have started expanding as families seek to supplement ailing incomes during the Recession period, and remained in them now that the career is increasingly profitable. Cleaning services throughout the country have benefitted now that economic recover has freed up individual capital, enabling the hiring of such services.

Until such a time the job market expands and becomes less competitive, it seems cleaning jobs in Cambridge may well be here for a while yet. While we in Britain like to think of ourselves as a modern economy with a highly skilled, highly paid workforce, it seems we’re also equally made up of shopkeepers, cleaners, waiters and retail assistants.

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