Undertile Heating

Undertile heating is becoming very popular in homes. Undertile heating is a system which is put underneath your tiles and provides rising heat by warming
Some advantages of underfloor tile heating include;
1. No  Maintenance
There is little that can go wrong as there are no moving parts to an underfloor heating system. The pipes must be pressure tested so that any potential leaks will be identified at an early stage and dealt with before screeding. There are also no regular maintenance costs to incur after installing which is unlike traditional conventional heating.
2. Comfort
The idea is that the undertile heating will keep your feet warm and gives consistent room temperature, this compared to conventional radiators generates more radiant heat as opposed to convective heat.
3. Freedom of room design
Without having to have a radiator this gives you the freedom to design your room layout without needing to worry about where you will fit the radiator in the room. It gives you the flexibility to place the furniture where you wish and change the furniture around without having to worry. 
4. Safety
There is no risk to anyone especially small children sustaining an injury due to being burnt as like there is on a radiator.
5. Flexible Controls
Undertile heating often allows you to have a single controlled thermostat and gives you the flexibility to control individual rooms via thermostats. Instead of wasting energy and money heating areas which are used less you can programme so that it meets your specific needs.
If you are interested in underfloor heating visit www.wallsandfloors.co.uk where you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

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