Rug Making Kits - The Instructions

rug making kitsLatch hook rugs are very popular as they are easy to make and are particularly durable. Making a rug is a fun and enjoyable activity to do alone or with the family and is also a great budget friendly but thoughtful Christmas present. While it is possible to create a rug from scratch using your own design, beginners are advice use a rug making kit which has all the ingredients and instructions to produce a beautiful rug. The kit includes all that is needed and a design canvas in which the design is imprinted. Below are some steps to take when using your rug making kits?

  1. The first step is to decide where you will like to start and to develop a system of doing things. There are many methods, starting in the middle which will keep your canvas edges free for as long as possible whilst starting at the edges and working your way across may be better for the person who prefers structure and method. Visual people may want to organise their work in colour sections. Either way there is no wrong place to start.
  2. The second step when using a rug making kit is to use the colour chart included to distinguish which colours are needed for those particular blocks of canvas. Make sure you handle the latch hook in your dominant hand for increased control. Keep the ends even also, this will give the finished rug a professional look. For even more control, hold the yarn in place with the index figure of your dominant hand.
  3. Arrange your canvas so that the yarn is on one side of the canvas thread and the hook is on the other. This can be done by sliding the hook through the square above it until the latch is on the top side of the canvas.
  4. With the two ends of the yarn, grasp with the thumb and forefinger of your weaker hand. Open the latch and place the yarn over the latch to make sure the yarn is in between the latch and the hook. Continue by sliding the hook back through the canvas slowly until the latch closes. Loosen your hold on the yarn and continue to pull the hook sharply through the canvas. The yarn should now be knotted around the canvas.
  5. Repeat the proccess throughout, changing the colour of the material when instructed.
  6. Whip stich the underside of the rig with a needle and thread to deal with unfinished edges.

For more information about rug making kits, where you can purchase materials and get advice, please visit Readicut produce kits in many colours, shapes and sizes. Readicut sepcialise in needlecraft, papercraft, knitting, rugs and more which will make a perfect gift this Christmas.

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