Revamping Your Bathroom Tiles for 2015

It’s that time when many of us are starting to think about making those New Year’s resolutions once again and with this in mind updating your home and investing in bathroom tiles.

Have Some Fun with Your Bathroom Wall Tiles

If replacing your bathroom’s suite is too stressful to take on straight after the festive frenzy why not bring a little fun into your bathroom by revamping your choice of wall coverings. Purchase a selection of random tiles to your walls, and floor, so that you get a vibrant modern look. You can also create your own mural using different broken tiles.

Change Your Bathtub

A big bath tub is a waste of bathroom space, so if you have a small bathroom now is the time to invest in a smaller one. Most people sit upright in the tub, so a 5-foot tub is sufficient for practically everyone. There are a number of ways to use the space that you save with a smaller tub, such as adding a mini storage unit to fit in all those accessories such as soaps, bath salts and towels.

Replace the Bathtub with a Shower

Revamping your bathroom tiles for 2015Consider getting rid of the tub entirely as it’s more comfortable to take a shower if you’re not standing in the tub and a frameless glass shower will make your bathroom space look bigger.

This is a great option for older homeowners or those with mobility issues as they will find it much easier to enter a shower without having to climb over the side of a tub. When decorating your bathroom, floor tiles are usually the first thing that you would replace.

Revamp Your Floor with Snazzy Bathroom Floor Tiles

Many people replace their floor tiles when they become worn or damaged or maybe they just fancy a change as the tiles no longer suit their design, many DIY stores feature an array of snazzy bathroom tile styles to suit all tastes and needs, from ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and stone. You can even choose bathroom floor tiles your favourite colours which can be anything from traditional light colours such as beige, cream and white to darker colours like blacks and greens.

Visit the Crown Tiles website, where you can receive advice or knowledge on the best kind of bathroom wall or floor tile for your bathroom, contact Crown Tiles today on 0800 156 0756 and speak to a member of the team who will give you advice about the equipment needed to fit these tiles to your bathroom walls and floors.

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