Five Fun Facts about Floor Tiles for Bathrooms

Think you know about floor tiles? Whether it’s a grand mansion or a tiny terraced home, so many of us use floor tiles to brighten up our bathrooms and with so many different types to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll always create an unforgettable space. Floor tiles have been around for thousands of years and from the very first floor tiles to tiling in the present day, there are so many weird and wonderful stories about floor tiles.

From humble beginnings

The very first clay tiles used in people homes and gardens were made by hand. We’ve come quite a long way since then, with millions of ceramic clay tiles now being produced in huge factories all over the world. This change from man to machine is the reason why floor tiles for bathrooms are now affordable for so many of us and why we can all have a stylish and unique space without the fuss.

Staying safe

For many of us, safety in the home is a top priority, so did you know that you can buy a whole range of tiles with a non-slip surface? Bathrooms can get slippery and tiles do not often provide a natural non-slip surface. If you want to keep yourself safe but keep your room looking stylish, then why not grab some non-slip floor tiles for your bathroom?

Turn your bathroom into a seaside space

Limestone is an attractive and popular material for bathroom flooring and unlike ceramic is a natural material. It is primarily made up of calcium which comes from seashells, meaning that you can have a little bit of the beach in your bathroom, even if you live in the city! Alongside injecting a bit of the seaside into your home, limestone is also incredibly strong and attractive – making it the perfect bathroom floor tile.

Word play

Many of the words we use today come from Greek or Latin origins and term and phrases used in the tiling industry are no different. The word ceramic comes from the Greek word ‘Keramos’, which roughly translates to potters clay or pottery. Ceramic is by far the most popular floor tile for the bathroom thanks to its mass production.

Diamonds anyone?

We all love a bit of luxury in our home but did you know that you can buy floor tiles set with real diamonds, mother of pearl and black marble? Costing one million pounds per square meter, this floor tile could very well be the most expensive in the world. If that’s a bit out of your price range, then never fear because there are a whole range of fantastic marble floor tiles for bathrooms available online at Crown Tiles. Check them out today.

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