Why Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles are Pet Friendly

Pets are great companions and quickly become a member of the family, however there constant running and jumping around can be tough on your kitchen floors.

Why Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles are Pet Friendly

Unfortunately, animals don’t understand the effect that their claws, drools and stains can have on materials. If you have a puppy or kitten in the house then accidents probably occur quite frequently and with the wrong flooring in your kitchen that could lead to permanent discolorations and damage, making your kitchen floor look unattractive.

This is why you will be pleased to hear that ceramic kitchen floor tiles aren’t only pet friendly but they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and they are affordable.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages on why ceramic kitchen floor tiles are pet friendly:

Ceramic tiles are mainly made from a clay mix that is fired to create a very hard, durable material, that won’t break or crack even under intense pressure. This is often then coated with a melted glass glaze layer which adds to the strength of the piece, making ceramic floor tiles almost impossible to stain with water penetration, and any accidents or scratches that a pet may bring into the kitchen. One of the greatest things about purchasing ceramic tiles for your floors is that like vinyl, ceramics come in lots of different colours and patterns.

One of the disadvantages of ceramic kitchen flooring tiles is that the floor is extremely hard, which could cause pain on your feet if you are on your feet a lot. Hard flooring can also be a real pain for puppy owners, as when they come running into the kitchen they might not be able to stop sliding across the floor.

Crown Tile stocks a range of tiles to suit pet owners including ceramic kitchen floor tiles, slate, stone, marble and porcelain tiles. If you need any help or advice when choosing tiles for your home call and speak to Crown Tiles today on 0800 156 0756

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