How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

how much does it cost to remove a tree

Are you sick of that eyesore tree blocking your view from the kitchen window? Are you not sure how much it will cost to remove the tree? Home improvement place reveals how much it costs to remove a tree.

 How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The price of hiring a professional for tree removal will vary depending on the size and position of the tree; ranging from £75 to as much as £2,000. The price is also dependant on the removal of the wood after the surgery.

Larger trees that exceed 60ft in height need a high degree of planning and potentially a team of surgeons – and the cost of this will reflect the additional work. Prices for larger trees which are in easier positions (not close to  or utilities) can range from £450inc, however a more realistic price is £660inc (which represents a day’s work for a team of three). At the upper end, you could pay £3,000

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Do I really need a Tree surgeon?

If you’re a dab hand at DIY, it can be very temprting to feel a tree yourself but before you break out the chainsaw, be warned that it can be incredibly difficult to fully remove a tree and its stump if you’ve no prior experience.

If you have a tree that needs removing you should never attempt to remove it yourself as this can be extremely dangerous. If you don’t have the correct protective gear or equipment training you could end up cutting your arm off, so it’s much safer to hire and pay for a proffesionally trained tree surgeon rather than trying to save money.

What are the techniques?

There are a ton of different techniques to fell a tree depending on its size and location; for example it may be in an awkward position or pose a threat to surrounding buildings. In situations like these, or if the tree is large, a professional will probably nee to dismantle it branch by branch from the top down, carefully roping up each section and passing debris down to a colleague. If the tree overlooks a road then the tree surgeon will cordon off the area using the appropriate legal signage.

What am I paying for?

With professional tree surgeons, you are paying for tools, expertise, the time and the local knowledge of trees. You will find that its best to hire someone local to so. If you are in Kent for example, hire local tree surgeons in Kent as you will get the best price and knowledge.

You are also paying for the equipment used. Tree surgeons use a variety of tools from chainsaws to chippers and hand saws, and will employ proper arboriculture techniques to fell a tree safely. Wood can be disposed of afterwards by the tree surgeon, reused, cut into chips or sold as fire wood.

You should always check for references when looking for tree removal companies and check references and insurance credentials before you hire. It’s also important to draw up a contract once you’ve hired your tree surgeon, stating exactly what the work involves, how much it costs and ask if the debris will be recycled afterwards.



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