Undertile Heating

Undertile heating is a method of heating your floor tiles so that your kitchen or bathroom remains warm and cosy during the winter months.

Undertile heating works very simply. Heater mats are installed under your tiles that contain special wires which heat up when switched on and spread heat across your entire floor.

Under floor tile heating is safe, energy efficient and extremely easy to use and control. The temperature and timing of your tile heating can be easily controlled by a thermostat.

Tile heating can be used to both take the chill out of your floor and to some extent heat your room, depending on the level of insulation in the particular room.

Undertile heating mats can even be used in conservatories to add that extra level of warmth and comfort to a room which is often too cold to use in the winter.

This type of tile heating system really is energy efficient and great value for money, with heating costs at only a few pence a day for  typical bathrooms and kitchens. DIY

Walls and Floors are a leading online tiling company that sell specialist under tile heating mats. They can provide different size of mating according to your needs and currently have a 20% discount offer on their underfloor tile heating kits.


For more information on under tile heating and to browse a fantastic range of floor tiles visit www.wallsandfloors.co.uk

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