Tools Needed for Fitting Tiles

If you are going to fit tiles yourself in your kitchen or bathroom you will need to invest in some specialist tiling tools to do this.

First you need to cut your tiles to the right proportions to ensure a clean finish. Tiles often need trimming, particularly when they are going up to or around the corner of a room.

Tile cutters, tile nippers and tile saws will all allow you to cut your tiles cleanly and quickly to the size you need in order for them to fit properly.

Then you need to think about which tiling tools you’ll need in order to fit your tiles. Tiling trowels are important for laying the grout on the wall that the tiles will stick to.

Tile tools

You need to make sure that your tiles are straight so a tile spacer will allow you to space them out evenly on the wall.

You will also need a tool called a tile float that is a flat sponge with a handle, which allows you to work grout into the tiles and wipe away the excess.

Once you have installed your tiles you will also need a grout finisher. This a plastic tiling tool with a blade at one end which removes excess adhesive. At the other end is a round ball to smooth grout lines, for a professional finish.

So if you are considering tiling your kitchen or bathroom walls, remember that there are several specialist tile tools you’ll need to achieve a professional looking result. 

You can buy these tools for tiling individually or in complete tile kits that contain all the equipment you'll need to ensure you'll get the finish you want from your tiles.



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