How Huntingdon Cleaners can Help You

When it comes to cleaning your home the residents in Huntingdon have been using Brighters cleaning services since 2004.

How Huntingdon Cleaners can Help You

Are you looking for Huntingdon cleaners to help give your home that much needed spring clean?

If the answer is yes than, Brighters domestic cleaning services are a cleaning company based in Cambridge who can help to clean your home to military standards and make sure that it stays that way with cleaners who are trained to the highest standards. They offer a weekly service from a minimum of 2 hours a week. For clients who have more than 8 hours a week there is a discount offered.

Now that spring is here and the days are getting longer isn’t it time you thought about yourself by getting out into the sunshine and lighter evenings and enjoying yourself. You don’t want to be stuck indoors, spending your evenings or weekends cleaning your home.  

Brighters start off by discussing your cleaning requirements before introducing you to your own regular cleaner before your first clean so that you have the opportunity to meet them and show them where the cleaning materials are kept and given instructions.  

After your first clean you will be asked to provide feedback on whether you were happy with your cleaner. If the answer is yes then you would be allowed o keep that cleaner ever week.  The only exception would be if your regular cleaner was unable to attend and you notified Brighters to request cover.

An article in the Daily Mail suggests that market analysis Mintel found that the average Britain spends just under five hours a week cleaning their home with men spending just under four hours compared to women who spend an average of 5 hours 25 minutes.  

So why not start enjoying your spare time a bit more, enjoy the Huntingdon area by letting Brighters domestic home cleaning service cover those dreaded cleaning chores for you from hoovering, Cleaning dirty floors, Ironing your clothes, hovering and Dusting and polishing those shelves and window ledges.

Brighter’s comprehensive house cleaning service can be individually tailored to clients’ home cleaning requirements. This can be anything from a basic clean of selected areas to a regular ongoing, detailed spring clean.

Why not let Brighters take the pain out of your day  and start looking forwards to your free time a bit more, enjoy the Huntingdon area and let down you hair down by hiring Huntingdon home cleaners who can do the boring bits for you.

To discuss your cleaning requirements or if you require domestic cleaners in Cambridge call Brighters on 0845 644 8214 today and your home could be getting that much needed spring clean tomorrow.

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