Benefits of Home Automation and How Home Automation can help the Disabled

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is where you have a centralised control of features in your home. This can include features such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, appliances such as HiFi and home cinema, as well as security features such as locks and cameras.

Home Automation

What are the Benefits and Who Can Benefit from a Home Automation?

You may think that this is only an option of the super elite, but actually, automated homes are available and can make life easier for all. This includes the millions of people affected by disabilities and the growing elderly population. It can be life changing for them. Home automation can help those who are vulnerable and have difficulties in everyday life, be independent and safe at home.

Different types of automated homes can advise carers when they are in trouble but also have Integrated home CCTV alarm systems to help them by warning them when the fire alarm goes off or helping them to switch lights on and off if they are bed bound or have difficulties with their mobility.

There are many benefits to a home automation system which go beyond the safety of the individual and makes installing the systems worthwhile as in the long run it can save you time and money.

You may think that they are only for technophiles but the controls for the system are extremely simple and require no formal training or technical knowledge to operate. This means even those with limited capabilities or mobility are also able to use them with ease.

Companies Supplying Home Automation Systems

If you are interested in having a home automation system installed in your home there are many companies such as Grahams, that will measure, install and show you how to use your automated home system in your home.

Grahams have won the Best Integrated Home CEDIA Finalist award many times. This internationally recognised award means that Grahams is an industry leader in integrated homes giving you the assurance that they will find the best home automation fit for your home.

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