How Wooden Carports and Garages can Help to Sell Your Home

There has been a lot of television coverage with advice on how to sell your home and make it look more presentable to potential buyers.

How Wooden Carports and Garages can Help to Sell Your Home

The outside of your home is often neglected with most people too busy focusing on the inside and décor.  Whether it a metal carport, steel garage or a wooden carport, adding an attachment to your house or on your land can be the difference between selling your home and it staying on the market.

Rising house prices makes selling your home a tough market and even giving your home a complete makeover won’t guarantee you a sale. Some homes can take years to sell.   

Here are some reasons why wooden carports and garages can add value to your home:

Less stress for the buyer

A buyer doesn’t have to go through the stress of building their own garage, carport or vehicle storage when they move in because you’ve done the work for them. This saves them time, hassle, research, planning and money which is what you want when you move into a new property.

Your home is better value for money

Buyers look for value for money when purchasing a new property so if you’re selling a home that has extra space, you’re selling more physical real estate than just your house as you are selling more than just one building.

Carports and garages can be used for lots of reasons

Even if a potential buyer doesn’t want to store a vehicle in your carport or garage, you can point out the advantages for storage, as a workshop, home office, utility room and so on. Depending

Purchasing an additional building can add to the concept of having more space for hobbies such as doing up cars or bikes. By talking to the buyer and finding out about their hobbies you can help sell your property just by having that extra space available.

Enhance the look of your property

Wood is a much more desired choice when it comes to building a car port next to your home as in blends it everywhere. If your garden already has a wooden gazebo or a garden shed, then wooden carports will enhance the look of your property. Wood is strong, looks good and lasts, and a carport made from wood is a wise choice. Metal carports aren’t as nice looking as wood and are more suited to being alongside an office block rather than part of your garden.

If you are considering purchasing a new wooden carport to add to the value of your home and would like to discuss your options then then call Jon William Stables on 01380 850 965 and let them help you to create something really special.

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