The Pros and Cons of Vinyl kitchen Floor Tiles

When giving your kitchen floor a  makeover, there are lots of things to consider whether you choose carpet, porcelain tiles, or vinyl kitchen floor tiles there are an endless range of options to consider.

Here are the Pros and Cons of purchasing vinyl floor tiles for your kitchen....


Cheaper than other kitchen tile options

Vinyl kitchen floor tiles tend to be cheaper than other  tile options. At Crown Tiles, these tiles cost as little as £10 per square foot. The difference in price is determined by the quality of the tile, and the design options found on the surface.

A range of designs

Vinyl flooring comes in a range of many different colours and patterns. You will find one to suit your room with ease. You can even purchase customised vinyl floor tiles in a variety of designs, so it won’t take you long to decide on that design to suit yur taste. Printed vinyl is more versatile, allowing you to recreate the look of natural stone, hardwood, or any other material you wish to use. 

Easy to clean

Vinyl flooring it is much easier to clean and much harder to stain than carpets or solid wood flooring making it the ideal choice for your family kitchen. All you need to do to keep it clean is make sure that any grit and dirt is swept up with a brush and a damp mop is used alongside and an approved vinyl floor cleaner to remove stains.

Slip Resistant

Vinyl flooring can be slip resistant and less likely to carry bacteria as there are fewer areas for them to hide than with other types of floors. Vinyl is usually considered to be a highly durable material if its correctly installed and maintained, it can last between ten to twenty years. If you damage or tear vinyl floor tiles you can just replace the tile.

Easy to fit

One of the best things about vinyl floor tiles is that unlike porcelain tiles they are easy to fit and you don’t have to hire someone to fit them

When installing vinyl kitchen tiles, make sure that you have a completely dry, level subfloor to work with. If you are thinking about taking on this project by yourself then you might want to have a professional prepare the subfloor for you.


Damage With Vinyl

When installing vinyl it is extremely important that you have a perfectly smooth, flat surface to work on. Because vinyl is relatively soft, even small grains trapped beneath the floor can wear down the material over time, causing lumps to appear in the surface. Over time these will wear down the material, causing rips and tears.

Discoloured Yellowing Effects

Low quality vinyl floor tiles can often turn yellow with age. This can be due to a several factors such as direct sunlight as they can fade the material, while dirt can be trapped beneath a wax layer on a vinyl floor.. However, better quality modern vinyl tiles tend to be resistant and versatile.

The advantages of investing in vinyl kitchen floor tiles outweigh the disadvantages because they are easy to install, cheap, come in many different designs are easy to maintain.  To order your vinyl tiles for your kitchen floor, call tile specialists on 0800 156 0756.

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