Three Reasons to Choose Floor Tiles

Whether you have a brand new home to move into or you just fancy giving your current one a revamp, there are so many reasons for you to consider floor tiles for your bathroom or kitchen. From colours, to style to great design, there’s a floor tile out there for every home and every budget.


Three Reasons to Choose Floor Tiles


Low cost

One of the biggest reasons so many people choose to use floor tiles in their homes is because of their low cost. Although they may not initially seem cheap compared to some other budget options, their fantastic looks and durability mean that they’re worth every penny.

If looked after correctly, tiles will never need to be replaced for the duration of time spent in your home. Most ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are mass-made too, meaning that the price is driven down considerably.

Great choice

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen flooring, your choices can often be restricted and dull. Carpet is out of the question and wood is not only costly but leaves you with very few colour and design choices. This is another reason why floor tiles are a cut above the rest - thanks to mass production and demand there are hundreds upon hundreds of floor tiling choices available.

Whether you want a shockingly bright red and white floor or prefer a more traditional beige or blue – you never have to compromise on your own unique and individual style. Floor tiles also allow you to create cool designs and patterns in your kitchen and bathrooms, so that you can enjoy something that has been created just the way you like it.

Easy peasy

One of the worries many of us have when it comes to redesigning a home is whether or not we can do it. If you only have very little DIY experience then tiling a floor may seem like a daunting task. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you have researched well and have ensured that you have all the tools you need, you should be able to tile a floor without too many problems.

There is some great tiling help out there too, such as these ‘how to’ guides from Crown Tiles which will show you how to successfully prep and lay your floor tiles with ease. Once your tiles are laid, it’s easy to keep them looking great too. Use a good grout and sealer whenever you feel like your tiles need a little bit of TLC and they’ll keep on giving you a great looking room for years to come.

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