Removing Grease from Kitchen Tiles

When it comes to cleaning those new sparkling kitchen tiles you may be surprised to find how much grease builds up that coats your worktops, if not scrubbed clean.

Removing Grease from Kitchen Tiles Particles of sticky oils and fats from foods get into the air whilst you are cooking, making your kitchen a potential fire hazard. To wipe away the grit and grime that gets imbedded in your kitchen tiles try using simple household cleaners that can help remove grease and are much safer and less expensive than using powerful commercial degreasers which can contain inflammable chemicals.

Here are some tips on how to remove that grit and grime from those kitchen tiles:

Household Products

Many of you might not realise this but household items such as vinegar, cooking oil, lemon juice and baking soda can be used as minor degreasing products. Vinegar is a good detergent for removing minor grease build- up and will deodorise and leave your worktop surfaces sparkling clean from top to bottom.

Another good solution to wipe away grease build-up is to mix a solution of hot water and vinegar into a spray bottle. Vinegar used on its own can also used on greasy areas that are trickier to remove.

If you mix hot water with baking soda, it helps to soften tougher grease stains and absorbs odors; you should leave the paste on the grease stains for several hours to soften the build-up.

Some cleaning detergent manufacturers add lemon and citrus oils mixed with vinegar to help get rid of grease, they include a chemical called Ammonia, works well to deter grit and grime as well as being environmentally friendly.

Be safe when using cleaning products

Kitchen grease is highly flammable; so never use open flames or boiling water to remove grease. Use ammonia with caution as the fumes may cause eye and skin irritation. Never mix ammonia with other chemicals, such as bleach or vinegar, as the solution will produce toxic fumes.

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