How to make decoupage for your home

Paper decoupage is an amazing hobby where you can make people believe that your skills are extremely complicated when in fact they are remarkably simple. Decoupage gifts are very simple to produce in theory it is literally the cutting out of pictures and the attaching onto an object. Once this has been done you then cover with several coats of glue and/or decoupage medium for protection.
To create a very high quality decoupage there are decoupage kits which you can buy. It contains pre-cut pictures and other features that will help you all you will need are some scissors and glue everything else you will need should be in the kit. Decoupage is a technique which you can use on basically anything, everything from fruit bowls to paperweights which is why it can make a perfect unique gift.
With your decoupage you must make sure that the item you want to decoupage is clean and dry. Then get the picture you want to use then arrange the pictures onto the item before any glue is applied.  The pictures can be arranged however you wish, if you want to overlap then you can.
Once the pictures have been arranged how you wish them to be apply a layer of decoupage medium to the object ( it can also be put on the back of each picture. If you are coating the object then it is best to work on a small section at a time if you are applying the medium to the back of each picture then you can glue as you go.
As the pictures are being stuck to the object make sure that they are stuck smoothly by making sure you smooth out each one bit nicely. To do this you can get a special papercraft tool which are called brayers and are designed especially for this.
You must leave everything to dry overnight in a dry, cool location. You must then keep applying more coats to create a smooth and even effects. Once you have finished with all the layers and the object is completely dry, your decoupage project is complete!
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