Cutting Metal Hexagonal Bars

cutting metal barsMetal bars can be used in a variety of home projects, industrial manufacture and more. There are many types of metal bars and rods which come in many shapes, sizes and materials such as hexagonal bars, round bards, square bars, hollow bars and more. The properties of these metal rods often make them hard to cut. The safest and most consistent method of cutting metal bars is by using a metal hacksaw. This rod cutting method is effective and will work with most other types of metal products however a stainless steel hexagonal bar is used in this example.

  • Prepare your hexagonal bar for cutting by marking the length of your bar using a traditional tape measure and marking apparatus. Hook the tape measure over the end of the bar to make the mark as accurate as possible.
  • Lock the bar in a strong vice with the cut mark protruding no more than 2 inches from the vice grip. This allows less leeway for the rod to vibrate and move in the grip, meaning a smoother cut.
  • Make the hexagonal bar easier to cut by lubricating the surface of the bar around the cutting area.
  • Line up the blade on the mark, making sure that the blade is facing away from the piece you require. Cutting too much off will lead to a wasted bar, however, having too much on the end is easily manageable when finishing the bar. Cut at the end of the mark also.
  • Using a pull back motion, saw using both hands for extra grip. Place your dominant hand on the handle and your other on the top of the saw. Do not use too much pressure, the less pressure the better.
  • In a smooth motion, push the saw forward. Just as you would when filing material. The bar should only be cut on the forward stroke. Apply minimal pressure when pulling back the saw as the cut will be ruined. You need to aim for long, even, forward strokes, focussing your efforts into the forward stroke.

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