Choosing your Kitchen Tiles

TilesThe overall look and feel of your kitchen can be affected by your kitchen tile decision. Different materials offer different benefits and functions, it is important to weigh up all the options in terms of price, functionality and aesthetics. Keep these things in mind when shopping around for your kitchen tiles to make the best buying decision. Below are a few pointers to get the most out of your kitchen tiles.


Kitchen tiles come in different materials and offer different functionality. The main aspect to keep in mind is that vinyl is cost effective, stone is more expensive but aesthetically pleasing, and ceramic lies between the two, fairly cost effective with aesthetic appeal. If you want to go for full decoration, glass and metallic materials are less commonly used, but a good option.


Dark colours are advantages, especially in a kitchen environment as spillages and breakages often lead to staining. A darker shade of tile would make these accidents less noticeable than lighter coloured tiles. Also, make sure they match your choice of furniture and worktop surfaces. Take appliances into consideration.

Shop around

It is important not to take the first offer when it comes to selecting tiles. Shopping around will land you the best deals. There are so many options available that finding the perfect solution for your kitchen and staying within your budget is always possible. In many cases a discount can be offered if you purchase tiles in bulk.


Don’t rush into installing the tiles without sampling first. Sample will enable you to see what they will look like before you make you final commitment. This way you can match them to appliances and furniture more closely. Also, actually handling the sample is important as the look and feel may be different to what you would expect. In this case actually going to a shop to physically check the products may be more beneficial than shopping online. Alternatively you can go to a tiling outlet to check the quality before taking advantage of the deals often found online.

To sum up, shopping for tiles requires thought and consideration in order to get the best solution for your kitchen or for any room in the house. Pay close attention to the functionality and the look and make sure you shop around for deals, including online sales. Walls and floors produce and sell quality tiles in a variety of sizes, functionalities and properties. Whichever room you are decorating, Walls and Floors can provide you with the perfect solution for your room. For more information please visit

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