Top 4 Benefits of Underfloor Foil Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming a popular option for many homeowners who are looking at ways to make their homes more energy efficient.

Top 4 Benefits of Underfloor Foil Heating The Foils reinforced aluminum foil has thermal reflective properties that help to conserve energy and increase the economic efficiency of the matt.

Here are the top 4 benefits to investing in underfloor foil heating systems.

Versatile and suitable for difference floor finishes:

Underfloor heating is becoming a popular option in the home because of its versatility. Heating foil floor systems are designed to suit all floor finishes like laminate, carpet, wood and vinyl floors.

Energy efficient and how it controls room temperature

One of the many reasons why people are investing in underfloor foil heating is because it’s more energy efficient and helps to control the room temperature.

A thermostat allows users to choose the desired temperature for their rooms. Warm-up energy-monitor thermostat also allows heating different areas of home to a different temperature, called “zonal heating”, and knowing the exact underfloor heating costs. The underfloor foil heating system also learns from the users’ recorded energy consumption and prompts users to choose the best and most energy efficient temperature to heat up each room. This allows users to heat the rooms they want when they want, so no energy is wasted.

Cost effective

Underfloor heating is a cost effective system that requires a one off supply and installation price. It’s beneficial to any home because underfloor heating systems use a lower temperature that standard radiators, which means that your heating costs are reduced considerably. Once the right temperature has been reached, you only need to use a small amount of heat to maintain the temperature.

Invisible and silent

Underfloor heating is an invisible heating system and is maintenance free. Unlike homes with radiators there is more living space which means you can be more flexible with furniture and decorating. There will be no need to check those worn out rusty radiators for leaks which will make the long term cost of having the system even lower.

If you are interested in Underfloor heating foil it’s easy to install, so you can do it yourself if you wish to take on a new project all that you need to do is contact a qualified electrician to hook up the Thermostat.

To find out about Underfloor heating foil systems contact Tile Choice, who are a Warmup Approved E-commerce Partner on 0800 1 560 560.

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