Wooden Double Garages and Why You Should Build Them

There are a number of options open to you when considering the material used in constructing a garage, principally wood, metal and stone. While all have their own strengths and weaknesses, we’ll be focusing on the advantages of considering a wooden double garage. For a garage that possesses all the warmth, rustic charm of wood, there’s really not much that you can do wrong with it.

So where to start?

Wooden Double Garages and Why You Should Build Them

First and foremost, wood is a very cheap material. It’s easily mass produced and tailor made to specific dimensions, as well as being very easily adjusted by you personally. This makes for a very low net cost. It’s very easy to get hold of good, strong high-quality wood that’s perfect for building, although be aware that the cost varies depending on wood type. Heavier, denser woods such as oak and mahogany tend to be dearer than lighter woods such as pine or PDF. Don’t cut yourself short, but at the same time don’t be tricked into using an expensive wood you can’t really afford when you can choose cheaper alternatives.

Wood lasts a surprising amount of time too, for an organic material. Many wooden structures built as many as several centuries ago are still standing, and thus you can expect your garage to last for the rest of your life. Its organic structure actually makes it more durable than metal or stone -- wood is more capable of bending and flexing, whereas the others tend to be more rigid.

If you also change your mind after the wooden double garage has been built about its design, such as the placement of a window or the size of a room, wooden buildings are more easily adjusted than stone or metal garages. With those, you’re pretty much stuck if you have a change of mind. With wood, all you have to do is raise the roof and readjust the walls.

Because wood is very light and easily adjusted, you’ll also find that wooden double garages are faster to build than other varieties. You can set up the structure in as little time as three or four days. With assistance, it’ll take even less time. If you need a garage quick, therefore, wood is a perfect material. Their light weight also means that you don’t need to set down foundations -- wood will rest easily on the ground with very little pressure. Thus, unlike stone or metal, it won’t sink.

Of course like all structures the ground still needs to be level, something that can be achieved with very little effort. You’ll also still need to at least make a shallow foundation for the walls to rest in, otherwise the structure may be blown over.

One other advantage behind wooden double garages for the environmentally minded is that wood can easily be recycled. Further recycled wood is a lot cheaper than conventional wood, and has many of the same strengths. This just shows how economical building a wooden garage can be.

For more information about wooden double garages and other wooden structures, visit the website of Jon Williams Stables. You can also phone them directly 01380 850 965.

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