Storm Damaged Trees

The UK has just been battered by the St Jude storm. It was the worst storm since 1987 and has already caused alot of damage throughout the South of England with areas flooded and trees and buildings flattened.

This is not a frequent occurance in the UK and therefore many people don't know what steps to take when dealing with the aftermath and effects of this storm. This article has a few pieces of advice on what you should do and not do regarding storm damaged trees. 

Storm Damage to Trees

The main piece of advice is not to put yourself in danger trying or attempting to remove any damage to the tree, leave that to professionals such as the emergency services in extreme cases or your local tree surgeon who will have the equipment and knowledge needed to safely remove any hazards.

Below are some things you should know and be aware of when dealing with storm damaged trees.

  • The main danger from storm damaged trees is the weakening of the branches and the joins of each branch. If any branch seems out of place or limp then this is a clear sign that the tree has been damaged and that it is unsafe.
  • Trees can lose alot of leaves and twigs as a result of storm damage - it is fine to pick these up and clear them away but ensure that you stay well away from the trees themselves until you are sure that they are safe.
  • In some cases storms and bad weather can completely knock a tree over or cause so much damage that the tree cannot be repaired or salvaged. In these cases you need to get a professional tree surgeon to remove the tree from its location in a safe and secure manner to avoid potential damage to persons and shelter nearby. 

If you are uncertain about the safety of your tree or trees then contact a professional tree surgeon who will be able to access the tree and its safety, giving you reassurance that there is no danger from the tree.

If you are looking for a professional tree surgeon and experience arborist in the South East, contact CareFell today for impartial advice and services. They can access your trees and ensure that they are safe for your property. 

They also have a help sheet on their site on 'How to Spot a Dangerous Tree' which might help you determine what trees of yours have been damaged by the storm.

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