Meat Industry Cold Storage Solutions

Cold storage is needed by a lot of industries that supply, store or prepare food and perishable products.

Many cold storage units can be used by a wide variety of sectors but there are some specialist industries that need particular types of cold storage solutions.

For instance the meat industry uses specially adapted cold storage units to store and transport large quantities of meat products.

meat industry cold storage

Specialist ‘meat rails’ can be used to hang whole sides of meat so that they are kept fresh and organised whilst they are being stored prior to use.

Regular cold stores and blast freezers can also be used to store and transport meat. Refrigerated units are available in a variety of capacities from one to many dozen pallets.

Large cold storage facilities are often based in container units. These are full sized walk in units that are ideal for use as cold storage for butchers because they can efficiently store and organise large quantities of meat product.

Container cold stores can also be transported around the country or the world on lorries. This is a very efficient way of transporting meat products in bulk, quickly and efficiently.

Container cold stores can also be kept outside buildings, often without the need for planning permission. This means a restaurant or caterer can keep large quantities of refrigerated or frozen meat ready for use, without taking up space inside their building.

CRS Cold Storage is a specialist contractor of refrigerated units to a wide variety of industries, including the meat industry. They supply quality blast freezers and cold stores to rent and buy at reasonable rates. For more information visit their website at

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