How to Decide When to Remove a Tree

decide when to remove a tree

Tree removal should never be attempted by anyone unless they have the correct knowledge and training. It can be a tricky business and is something that should be always discussed with your local tree surgeon. There are several things to consider before making the decision to remove a tree but there are three main questions you will want to ask yourself before you finally make your decision.

Is it dangerous to myself, my neighbours or other members of the public?

Most of the time, if a tree is posing an immediate threat to people it will be easy to tell. Trees that are partially uprooted, trees have been badly damaged by storms or trees that have hanging branches are all immediate threats that need to be dealt with. If only a small part of the tree is damaged, such as a branch, then removal may not necessarily be required. A simple branch removal carried out by a tree surgery specialist will be enough to keep people from harm.

Nonetheless, if some of the trees roots have come out of the ground or if it is leaning heavily, this is more a cause for concern. In these instances it is almost certain that tree removal by a professional will be necessary. If you’re worried about an uprooted tree in your home, be sure to get in touch with someone who can help.

Are there any signs that it could be dangerous in the future?

A tree may look stable but could have underlying issues that cause it to become dangerous in months and years to come. Trees with multiple trunks, potentially weak branches and a significant lean can all spell future troubles for your trees.

Trees with more than one trunk can often have a weaker one that is prone to snapping. If you tree suffers with these issues, inspect it carefully and try to determine if there are any potential problems. When it comes to branches, those with tight V shaped forks are far more prone to breaking than those with wide U shapes, so keep an eye on them if you want to spot problems before they arise.

Not all leaning trees are dangerous but if you start to notice a severe lean, then it might mean it’s time for the tree to go. Seemingly good trees can go bad very quickly, so always call a tree surgery specialist if you are unsure.

Is the tree infected with rot or any other type of disease?

Unfortunately, there are a number of diseases that can turn a good tree bad. Some trees are more susceptible to diseases than others, so it’s always best to be aware of the species you have growing in your garden.

Rot can destroy a tree from the inside out, leaving in hollow in the middle. If you believe this has happened to your tree then it’s probably time to remove it.

Fungus growing on the tree trunk and around the bottom of the tree can quite often, but not always, be a sign of decay. If this decay has spread through the tree quite dramatically, then it will need to be removed. However, if your tree is young you can help to prevent decay and disease by properly pruning and examining it on a regular basis.

Trees are important to the planet and often very special to us. Be sure to speak to a professional to see if you tree can be saved before paying to have it completely removed.

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