Cleaning Tip for Hard Wood Floors

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With all the rain this summer our Cambridge domestic cleaners have been telling us that your floors are really suffering and none more so than hard wood floors.

Wood flooring hates water, so keeping it dry and protected during the current wet weather is a must. The following is a list of top tips on keeping your wood flooring looking beautiful not only during the wet weather, but for years to come.

  1. The quick sweep – the great thing about a wooden floor is a quick sweep is often all that is needed. Invest in a fine, soft bristle broom for the best results.

  2. Water – Remove water or liquid spills quickly to protect your floor from water marking and damage. Paper or soft absorbent cloths are good for a quick clean up and to make sure the flooring is completely dry. If you’re using a mop make sure it’s rung out completely so that it is only just damp to avoid excess water seeping into the floor.

  3. Scratching – Even if you regularly sweep your floor you will still need to vacuum at least once a week. Vacuum’s can scratch wooden floors so use soft brush attachments to protect the surface.

    Be aware that some footwear can damage your flooring so it’s a good idea to remove outdoor shoes indoors. This also helps to reduce the dirt coming into your home.

    Never drag furniture across the floor use protective pads underneath to protect the surface.

  4. High traffic – If you have areas of high traffic across your wood floor consider using a carpet runner with non-slip backing and entrance of exit mats. These will cut down the wear of your flooring and trap dirt and water. However, do make sure these mats and runners are vacuumed regularly otherwise the dirt can filter down through the weave and scratch the wood underneath.

  5. Wax on wax off – To keep wood looking good and to give an extra layer of protection you may want to consider giving it a protective wax treatment. If you can check with the company who supplied your floor for their treatment recommendations. In most cases high traffic areas might need waxing once a month and the whole floor once a year.

A wooden floor can be a really asset to your home and by following the tips above will last you for many years to come.

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