Cleaners in Cambridge and Building a Rapport with Them

Cleaners are people just like you. They have their likes, dislikes, moods and preferences just like anyone else. As such, knowing how best to interact with your cleaners is key to securing a working relationship with them that functions to the benefit of you both. After all, just because they’re under your employ to do tasks you don’t want to do does not mean you should be cold or indifferent to them. Indeed many people who have hired cleaners in Cambridge have found their cleaners’ work much improved and enriched by pursuing a friendly approach with them.

Cleaners in Cambridge and Building a Rapport with Them

Most of it is commonsense. When employing a cleaner in Cambridge, make sure you set clear boundaries, set reasonable tasks, pay your cleaner on time and don’t ask more than is reasonable of them.

Remember also to treat your cleaner as a human being. However, at the same time, consider whether your cleaner is even comfortable with being spoken to on familiar terms -- there are some who prefer to keep their relationships between them and their employers strictly professional. This is not to be rude, sometimes it’s simply easier for them to work if they kept their working and personal lives strictly separate.

This brings us to the first important point: communication. When hiring a cleaner in Cambridge, you should have immediately worked out a sort of list of ground rules revolving around how your contract will work. Things such as hours, tasks that need to be done, times the cleaner should come in, and so forth. When writing up this “contract”, you should also try to establish how interactions between cleaner and employee should work. For example: whether you’ll even be home when the cleaner is in. Some cleaners also feel uncomfortable with cleaning with their employer still in the room, as it creates the sensation that they’re being monitored. If possible, find a reason to be in a different room to your employer unless they indicate otherwise.

Usually most cleaners, and those who employ them, tend to prefer a cordial working relationship. Some even prefer first-name terms. But it pays to make sure, and communication is key to securing this understanding.

Most cleaners in Cambridge will probably be of a friendly rather than professional bent. In this case, just treat your cleaner like any other colleague or acquaintance. Ask them on their health and engage in polite small talk. Most will appreciate it, and cleaners on good terms with their employers generally work harder, pay closer attention to detail and are more willing to make allowances on your behalf.

Of course make sure you keep this a two way street: a good way of securing the loyalty of your cleaners is by being generous with them. Let them take a day off if they ask for it in advance, offer them gifts during special occasions and don’t press them too hard. The attention will not go unappreciated, and will see a return.

For more information about cleaners in Cambridge or to hire one yourself, visit the website of Brighters. You can also contact them directly by phoning 0845 644 8214.

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